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standrack b


Concealed within a universal carrier rack, a folding member is always available as a parking stand. The shape of the stand is intended to have a minimal visual impact on the bicycle, whilst providing a solid parking solution inmost cases. Designed to accommodate rear panniers.


As a footrest, Flexx self-adjusts to the leg height of the user to always place the feet at the correct distance from the floor to relieve the pressure under the thighs which is a major cause of circulatory problems caused by prolonged sitting. Flexx also acts as a resistance for dynamic leg exercise.


Unique high strength roller blind and screen mounting system for large domestic and commercial multi curtain projects. Universal jointed drive allows flexibility of design for accommodating almost any window configuration. Integrates with automatic and remote control.


Garden framing system for domestic and commercial horticulture. High strength hub supports shade and watering systems whilst allowing a wide variety of structural forms from simple home garden frames to large multi modal market gardening operations.


Most golfers like to practice tee shots at a driving range, but fairway shots are more difficult to replicate due to the nature of hilly lies and bunkers. Varietee has an internal ramping mechanism that allows golfers to match the platform to the desired ground condition.
locktec ob


Designed to fit within a standard backset cutout, the lock automatically throw the bolt an extended distance. The internal mechanism prevents it being pushed back, creating a deadlock within a standard lever format. The lever pulls the bolt back to a standard length for normal operation.


Prompted by the observation from users that bicycle home trainers cause noise, wear, heat and damage. Combining a compliant belt with a biased pivot chassis, the CPT constantly self adjusts, suiting all tyre types, compensating for tyre deformations and prevents overloading of the tyre contact patch.
RR-P 01 f ortho


Provides parking for any size or style of pedal bicycle or E-Bike on almost any surface. Nearly all parking frames require parking from the rear wheel, but Parker uses the bike’s own mass to hold it steady from the front wheel. Lightweight and strong, it can be configured in other upright formats.


our process

Our Associative-Consultative Model integrates the client’s experience with in-house expertise, and external expertise as required, to enrich the design process and ensure the final outcome meets your original intent.  This model is particularly suitable for smaller manufacturers and start-up businesses.  It allows teams to be built with expertise directly related to the project specifics.
It all starts with an observation; when you first become aware of an opportunity, a problem, a need or an interesting thought.  It’s the moment of inspiration that we try to capture, hold on to, and satisfy in the final result.  So we begin with a carefully structured discussion, to gain insight to the initial reasoning, understand the drivers of the project and its fundamental issues.  We develop a set of design criteria that show us what a successful outcome looks like.
Research helps understand the product area as well as user, regulatory and market constraints. Ideas generated by a variety of methods provide the energy, innovation and creativity to your product.  The two stages are combined, because while we always want to be new, we need to keep things real.  The user and the client are always at the centre of these processes.  We consider intellectual property, manufacturing methods and scope of the tasks.
In consultation with client and stakeholders, we move from broad possibilities to focussed probabilities.  We assess design concepts against original design criteria for their potential and develop the manufacturing technology package to move as quickly as practicable to production.  We use cost analysis, FEA and physical prototype testing to make decisions and minimise risk.  Stakeholder review precedes final handover to manufacture.